Lets Get Started!!
Advice today on how to care for yourself is overwhelming!  It’s on the TV, the radio and in every magazine you pick up…new diets and the “must eat” super foods that promise weight loss, energy and beauty.  We all want to feel great, look good and use natural products, but where do you begin?  The answer:  Ayurveda.   Don’t let the name fool you – it is not eccentric or obscure.  It is the complete holistic healthcare system that makes sense. 
The objective of Ayurveda is healing the whole self:  physically, emotionally and spiritually.  To support the physical body, therapies include eating foods that best support your body type, exercise, healthy sleep practices, daily oil massage, use of neti pot and tongue scrapper and more.  Therapies to support the emotional body include meditation, breath practices, working with the chakras, mantra and yoga.  Working on the spirit level entails refocusing our awareness from the drama's of life to the underlying beauty of every moment.  We are here each step of the way to support your healing process. 
Choose an option below to begin your journey toward the optimal you:
In the Ayurvedic Consultation, we begin by determining your Ayurvedic Constitution or your unique balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  With this information, we design a program specific to you that includes diet, exercise, meditation, daily routine and more.  The goal of the program is to support physical health, cultivate peace of mind and provide you with a clear understanding of your self.  If needed, we create herbal remedies that are specifically designed for your imbalances, making the formulations much more powerful then anything made in mass production.
The Herbal Consultation will provide you with custom made herbal remedies, yoga and diet recommendations to alleviate a symptom(s) or discomfort that you are currently experiencing.
Ordering capsules via our website gives you the benefit of having a formulation made specific for you without leaving the comfort of your home.
Ayurveda is a self care system that empowers you by giving you a complete structure in which to understand what your body, mind and spirit need to live optimally.  Finally, a healthcare system focused on the unique YOU!
What is Ayurveda?