Food As Medicine

Taste therapy includes a proper diet according to your constitution and the practice of food sadhana. Each combination of the three Ayurvedic body types: vata, pitta and kapha have specific needs in terms of diet. For example, a diet made up of 70% grains and protein will benefit a pitta body type. That same diet would create physical and mental imbalances for a kapha body type. One can maintain healthy digestion, physical strength, mental endurance and longevity with the intake of foods that are most suited for their body type.
The practice of food sadhana is eating with full awareness. While there are several techniques to accomplish food sadhana, the most important is eating meals in an environment with little or no distractions. These distractions include driving or watching TV while eating. The goal is to bring your attention to the loving act of nourishing your body. When food is eaten with awareness, digestion works more efficiently which means the body receives more nutrients and suffers fewer digestive aliments.