The aspect of yoga most known to us is the practice of various postures which serve to stretch, tone and awaken the entire body. Focusing on the breath is an important part of this practice and is used to calm the talkative mind. Yoga, as a whole, goes much further than the physical practice. It is a vast science whose study is the mental aspect of the mind.

Yoga acknowledges the thinking mind as an important part of our existence. It is the driver of our bodies directing the operation of it's systems. This is the most basic functions of our minds. Beyond this role, there is the emotional side of the mind. That which holds our beliefs and that which interprets and interacts with the world. It is this aspect of the mind that is constantly chatting...judging, critiquing and narrating every moment. Yoga presents a system that helps us to understand the mental mind as well as tools to bring the mind to a balanced state...a quiet, calm way of being.