Sight Therapy
The information we take in through the eyes effects our nervous system, emotions, digestion, circulation & overall energy level. If scenery was put on a spectrum of harmonious to disharmonious, natural scenery would be the most harmonious. An environment with only manmade structures occupied by fast moving persons and vehicles would be on the spectrum's opposite end. Therefore, being in an environment that includes nature is therapeutic. Bringing in plants or flowers to your space and spending time in nature is an example of sight therapy.
Color therapy is also important in healing through the sense of sight. Colors have the qualities of warm or cold and invigorating or calming. Dark, dull shades relax the nerves and quiet the mind. Too much darkness can cause sluggishness and depression. Bright shades invigorate, energize and inspire movement. Too much brightness can cause anxiety and intensity. Understanding your body/mind needs will determine what color therapy would benefit you most. Some examples of using color therapy are healing colors in clothing, wall pictures or paint and jewelry.