Sound Therapy
Sound therapy utilizes the sense of hearing to influence the balance of the mind and the activity of the nervous system. Information that is taken in through the ear is very influential on the emotional body. Positive words have the power to evoke a sense of happiness and acceptance while negative words can create feelings of sadness, anger or depression.
Sound therapy is determined upon an individual's emotional predisposition. For example, a person who tends to be intense will benefit from soft, dull music or sounds from nature such as the ocean. A person who tends to be nervous, scattered or anxious will benefit from listening to a slow beat from instruments that have a deep resonance. A person who experiences lethargy, depression or lack of motivation would benefit from music that has a fast beat with uplifting words.
Sound therapy also comes in the form of mantra - the repetition of healing sounds or statements such as "I am whole. I am well."