Neti Pot

The benefits of the daily cleansing of the nasal passages are: it removes excess mucous, allergens, particles or pollution inhaled and keeps the filtration system of the lungs healthy.  Clearing the nasal passages also promotes a feeling of clarity in the mind and aids in proper drainage of all sinus channels in the head.

Seek the guidance of your Ayurvedic practitioner to learn how to use the neti pot safely and effectively.

Oral Care

The benefits of using a metal tongue scrapper as part of your oral care routine are:  it removes ama from the tongue, massages the tongue and improves breath.  Ama is the toxic residue of digestion.  A small amount of ama that is easy to remove is indicative of healthy digestion.  A thicker amount of ama on the tongue that does not come off with the tongue scrapper is indicative of digestion that is imbalanced.

Use the tongue scrapper after brushing teeth, gently scrap the tongue from back to front being sure not to disturb the glands on the back of the tongue.  Rinse the tongue scrapper between each scrap.  Repeat 3-5 times.

Daily Self Massage

The benefits of practicing daily self massage with using organic, herbal oil are:  it softens the layers of the skin, brings healthy lubrication into the joints and muscles, supports drainage of the lymphs and is an act of self love.

It is the most beneficial to apply the oil 20 minutes before the shower.  Use vigorous strokes as you massage the oil in to ensure its absorption into the skin.

Ask your Ayurvedic practitioner which herbal oil will be best suited for your body type.