Family Consultation

The Family Consultation Packet applies to family members currently living together.  Each family member will have an Ayurvedic Consultation and will receive their own Ayurvedic Program Packet.  Practices will be recommended for you to do on your own as well as for the whole family to do together.

The Ayurvedic Consultations and Follow Up Visits (when done together) will be discounted.  Each family varies in number of adults to the ages of the children, therefore the price of the Family Consultation Packet varies.  Email or call Jessica Ferrol to inquire about pricing and to begin your journey into Ayurveda: 401-323-4638 or

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With the Support of Family, anything is Possible

When a family implements holistic lifestyle changes together, the ease in overcoming the challenges presented with change are greatly reduced.  Together, your family will set out on a journey to create a lifestyle that supports each of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  As each member grows individually, the family grows together!