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Organic, Therapeutic Herbal Oils
Nerve & Muscle Relief Massage Oil
A blend of sweet almond and olive oils infused with St. John's Wort flowers, horse chestnut and essential oils to aid in alleviating pain associated with muscle & nerve tissues.
Vata Massage Oil
Sesame oil infused with rejuvenating herbs and essential oils to deeply nourish the tissues of the body and offer an aroma that soothes the nervous system.  This oil is most beneficial for those with a Vata constitution or who are seeking tranquility. 
Vata Massage Oil
Pitta Massage Oil
Sunflower and virgin coconut oils infused with nourishing herbs and essential oils to create a sensuous aroma and light, smooth feel.  This oil is most beneficial for those with a predominant Pitta constitution or to help unwind from the intensity of life.
Pitta Massage Oil
Kapha Massage Oil
An invigorating blend of spice and citrus herbs with essential oils infused into a base of sunflower oil to create an uplifting and light oil.  This oil is most beneficial for those with a predominant Kapha constitution or to energize the body/mind while feeding the skin.
Kapha Massage Oil
Ayurvedic Nasya
Nasya is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy of administering warm drops of medicinal oil into the nasal cavities.  It is used to alleviate any aliment from the neck up, such as headaches, twitching, emotional imbalances, TMJ & neck stiffness. This tridoshic  formulation is made with a base of sunflower oil infused with gota kola & holy basil & is appropriate for Vata, Pitta & Kapha.  The label has instructs for administration.
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Nerve & Muscle Pain Massage Oil