Skin Care
Bright Eyes Facial Oil
Massage 2-3 drops of this magic potion to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles and redness around the eyes.  It is a blend of unique herbs infused in a base of sunflower, meadowfoam seed and olive oils with essential oils traditionally used to rebuild and rejuvenate your skin.
Facial Scrub for All Skin Types
Made with a base of apricot kernel with cranberry and grapefruit for deep cleansing.  Read the description at the top of the page to see how this scrub fits beautifully into your skin care regime!
We have perfected our facial care system and are excited to share it with you!  For radiant skin begin with our facial scrub to cleanse pores, followed by our facial wash to close pores and firm the skin.  Then, massage 2-3 drops of Bright Eyes Facial Oil into the skin around your eyes.  Complete with one of our delicious facial creams to keep skin hydrated and feeling young. 
Treat yourself to products that will nourish and replenish your skin while feeling good about using all natural, earth friendly products!
Facial Cleanser
Made with floral hydrosols & top quality witch hazel, then blended with essential oils & other natural ingredients to leave the skin looking fresh & toned.  Your choice of "Normal to Oily" for extra deep cleansing or "Normal to Dry" for our gentle formula. Read the description at the top of the page to see how this cleanser fits beautifully into your skin care regime!
Facial Cleanser
Virgin Coconut Facial Lotion
Light, refreshing & hydrating is how we describe this lotion.  Made with ingredients that will nourish your skin without that oily feeling.  A little of this lotion goes along way.  We recommend using it after you wash your face.
Lavender Facial Lotion
Float away on a lavender cloud while using this creamy & rich lotion.  Created with quality ingredients that rejuvenate the skin.  Made with coconut & olive oils, floral hydrosol, beeswax & shea butter. We recommend using it after you wash your face.
.375 oz $12 USD
2 oz $16 USD
2 oz $16 USD
Body Butter
A rich combination of coconut butter, shea butter, vitamin E & sesame oil with essential oils to soothe broken, dry skin.
Body Butter
Facial Scrub